SRM SOPA API. ProtectVms() call error

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Hello there.

I use SRM Appliance Management Version 8.3.0

My issue is to add a new VM into a protection group via SRM SOAP API. I have to use Python.

The protection group type in my SRM is Individual VMs (vSphere Replication).

Regarding documentation (

to do that I need to call 2 methods from the ‘SrmProtectionGroup’ managed object: ProtectVms() и AssociateVms().

AssociateVms() is executed fine: VM is added to the group, but its mappings are not configured (protection status: Not Configured). 

ProtectVms() call error:


Required property vm is missing from data object of type SrmProtectionGroupVmProtectionSpec


while parsing serialized DataObject of type drextapi.ProtectionGroup.VmProtectionSpec


As I understand, It means I have to add one more argument with mappings’ definitions.


XML body from the python script:

data_protect_vms = “””

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=”” xmlns:urn=”urn:srm0″>




<urn:_this type=”SrmProtectionGroup”>srm-vm-protection-group-1271</urn:_this>







Obviously, it’s needed to add a string: 



The question is which format should I use for some_value and how to get mappings and put them into some_value in a correct way?

Maybe I do everything wrong and a solution(managed object and methods) should be totally different?

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