Special Webcast: Data Governance: What Dark secrets lurk in your instance? – November 6, 2019 3:30pm US/Eastern

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Speakers: Pete Thurston

Salesforce only has Sales and Marketing information, right? WRONG!

Over the years, Salesforce has grown and evolved exponentially. Companies are leveraging Salesforce in many ways, adding even more sensitive customer data to the platform. While Salesforce is very secure, its still a platform that can be implemented in a way that puts your org at risk.

So how do you know Salesforce is implemented in a way that meets your compliance needs? And how do you actually align your Salesforce implementation to your Security Posture?

It all starts with Data Governance, the foundation for Salesforce security. Data Governance provides the ability to effectively manage data using appropriate controls throughout the information lifecycle process to meet various internal and external requirements.

Well explain the basics and then dive into the more complex topics on how Salesforce, the lifecycle of customer data, and regulatory compliance can all effectively co-exist.

Youll walk away with tangible next steps for governing Salesforce, like data classification, access management, encryption at rest, user access management, compliance reporting and more.

Learn the nuances of Salesforce and what questions to ask your Salesforce team to ensure Salesforce is implemented in a way that aligns to your Security Posture!

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