Some certs expired but not root certs

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Hello all! 


We have had an issue with certs over the last couple of days.




Our vcenter is installed on a windows machine, it is not an appliance.  We are on vCenter 6 version 3g.  I know it is out of date, we are not in a position to update any of it.  We currently have a new environment with updated software but it will be a few months as we migrate.  Within our vcenter we also have NSX and VCD so we are cautious about doing anything cert related.


Currently we cannot log into our vsphere environment unless we role back the time to a date prior to 8/15, after changing the date and restarting the web service, we are able to log in.  I know the location of the certificate manager application on the windows machine but we are unsure the best route to take dealing with these certs.  Again, we do not want to use custom certs or redo root certs, we just need to extend these 4 certs to get everything working while we migrate to the new environment.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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