Snapshot takes a long time in VMware Fusion 12 Pro

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Hello Support VMware.


Why does snapshots in VMware Fusion take a long time to complete when the virtual machine is powered on?


I currently have a Mac Book Pro 15¨ 2019 (i9 CPU – 32 GB RAM – 1 TB SSD) and also a iMac 27¨¨ 2020 (i9 CPU – 128 RAM – 1 TB SSD). In both I have VMware Fusion 12 Pro installed.


Every time I take a snapshot of any powered virtual machine (Window, Linux, etc.), it takes more than 10 minutes to finish snapshoting completely (Very slow snapshot process).


Waiting 10 minutes every time I take a snapshot, this is very tedious for me. I am one of the VMware Fusion users who needs to take a quick snapshot before making changes to my virtual machine lab.


I have compared the snapshot times between VMware Fusion 12 Pro and Parallels 16 Pro, and found that the snapshot process in Parallels is very fast.


What adjustment needs to be made in VMware Fusion 12 Pro to make snapshots faster?


Note: Shutting down the virtual machine, then taking the snapshot and then turning the virtual machine back on, is NOT an option for me. This is not a solution.



Rafael Vega.

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