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I have the below script works fine, but the issue I am having, some of the returned results do not have the Created by user; and if the tasked was scheduled it will also not populate the created by, any help would be appreciated 


foreach ($snap in Get-VM | Get-Snapshot)

{$snapevent = Get-VIEvent -Entity $snap.VM -Types Info -Finish $snap.Created -MaxSamples 1 | Where-Object {$_.FullFormattedMessage -imatch 'Task: Create virtual machine snapshot'}

if ($snapevent -ne $null){Write-Host ( "VM: "+ $snap.VM + ". Snapshot '" + $snap + "' created on " + $snap.Created.DateTime + " by " + $snapevent.UserName +".")}

else {Write-Host ("VM: "+ $snap.VM + ". Snapshot '" + $snap + "' created on " + $snap.Created.DateTime + ". This event is not in vCenter events database")}}

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