Smart Card authentication not working when the NVIDIA GRID driver is installed

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Hello Everyone,


we are having a strange issue in our brand new Horizon environment. We have configured the smart card authentication and everything works fine when we try to connect from the zero client to the Windows 10 VDI.


However, when we try to connect to the same image but with a NVIDIA vGPU, the smart card pasthrough to Windows 10 does not work and we need to type the username and password. At the same time, if we remove the smart card and put it back again then the passthrough works.


It looks like the smart card passthrough functionality is not “ready” the first time we put the smart card in, but it works after a while (after we remove the card and put it back).


Weirdly enough, the issue disappears when we uninstall the NVIDIA driver and we redeploy the pool.


Here’s the environment:

  • Windows 10 2019 LTSC with latest Windows Updates
  • Gemalto safenet minidriver
  • vSphere 6.7
  • Teradici pcoip zero clients
  • VMware Horizon 7.10.1
  • VMware Tools 11.1.1
  • Two Connection Servers installed on Windows Server 2016
  • One Composer installed on Windows Server 2016
  • Two Citrix ADC for the connection servers load balancing (the issue happens also if we connect to each connection server bypassing the citrix ADC)


Another interesting thing is that the smart card authentication works correctly if we connect via RDP to an existing VDI with the NVIDIA driver installed.


Unfortunately, it’s a secure environment so we cannot test any other client than the existing pcoip zero clients.


Did anyone already face the issue or does anyone have an idea about where the issue could be?


Many thanks in advance




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