Slow Shared Folder Access from Windows 7 Guest to Ubunto Host… Resolution?

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Hi all,


My searches have been unfruitful, entirely, at least.  I see that many people are seeing problems with shared drives, but I cannot find a solution.  I am currently running a Windows 7 VM on an Ubuntu host (workstation version 12.5.7), and am accessing the host drive via Shared Folders.  The first couple of folders down from the root are fine, but once I hit four or five deep, the VM appears to freeze for several minutes before displaying the contents of that folder, almost as if something’s timing out.  Looking at the CPU utilization, my cores are hitting 95-100% (one at a time, but they switch between themselves).  Eventually, I will get to the folder I am going for, and from then on (as long as that instance of Windows Exploder remains open) everything is fine.  But, if I close that instance and open another, I have to start again.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

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