Slow rendering performance in Windows 10

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I’m experiencing slow rendering performance in some apps. I noticed that primarily WPF based apps perform poorly. After tinkering around a bit I decided to disable 3D acceleration. This seemed to “restore” rendering performance for the WPF based apps but rendering in general seems now a bit more sluggish.


Also boot performance (APFS drive) is really slow and working with a volume shared from the Mac is also painfully slow (working with source code and compiling in Visual Studio). I could workaround the latter by moving the source files to the Windows “internal” drive.


Coming from Parallels (where I also had massive perf issues), it’s still better but I was wondering if vmware will address these issues sooner or later. I did some research in the forum and I can see that most issues I’m experiencing are known for > 1 year sometimes.


I’m running my vm on vmware Fusion 11 on an iMac Pro (plenty of CPU and RAM left for macOS).



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