Simple (full) clone – how to do it?

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I am using Windows 10 with a Vm-Ware 15.5.1 machine on a Windows10 host with some programs that I need to use in different versions. Sometimes I will need to use the programs in the current versions and sometimes I will need to use them in an updated version. So I want to make a clone of the current version and update that. Then I can select which clone to start depending on my needs.


But I have some questions:


What is the easiest way to do this?


I tried using the clone function under Manage but just got informed that “you cannot make a clone of a virtual machine with a physical disk”. But I need a machine with a disk.


I read that the cloning procedure assigns new MAC addresses to the IP address – I don’t want that since my switches filters quite aggressively and only allows known traffic.


I would like to just renaming a few (or using a search and replace if it is many) file and folder names and then have a functioning copy (now my VM-ware machine is in a folder called KALAE1VMWin10 (and many of the files in the folder has this name too). But could I rename the folder and file names to KALAE2VMWin10 and it would still work?

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