Service failed on vrops

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I was looking at the f5 LB that we have in front of our vrops and noticed 2 of the noes were shown as offline. |Looking ta the health moniter it is using a API call GET /suite-api/api/deployment/node/statusrn


When i run those against the two that are shown as offline i get


This matches up with want i am seeing in the F5.


If i then run the suite-api/api/deployment/node/services/info which all need to be online for the above to go on line i get




All is good except the last one. I cant for the life of me find how to troubleshoot this or any documentation on the agent on the vrops appliance its self. I can fine loads of stuff on remote agents but not this. Anyone any ideas what the command line is to at least try and start it.


Edit: vrops 8.2

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