Service Discovery Feature in VMware vROPS 8.x

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Service discovery is new feature in vROPS 8.x, which helps you discover services running in each VM and then builds a relationship or dependency between the services from different VMs. You can view basic metrics based on the services you want to monitor. You can also use the service discovery dashboards to monitor the services.

Service discovery helps you determine the kind of services running on each VM in your environment. You can find out which VM is a part of a service, the impact of shutting down or moving a VM, the impact of an incident, and the right escalation path for a problem. You can also determine which VMs are used to migrate a service and which services are impacted by a planned outage on a VM or an infrastructure component.

You can discover and monitor services using vRealize Operations Advanced and Enterprise editions.

Configuration of Service Discovery

1.  Enable Service Discovery. Home > Discover Services under Manage Applications Category > Configure Service Discovery

Services Supported by vROPS Service Discovery

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