Serious bug in Shared Folders feature in VmWare Workstation 8.x

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I see – there is a serious bug in that feature!

In particular scenario is following:

  • Enable Shared Folders feature for VM (let say = “D:share” on host PC will be visible as “Z:HostShare” on VM)
    (here you can suspend/resume VM couple of times)
  • On VM, using a shell script copy all *.h, *.c* files from “Z:HostSharesandboxmodulescoremyApp1source” to “D:sandboxmodulescoremyApp1source”
    (here you can suspend/resume VM couple of times and then repeat the same copy-operation)
  • On host PC – open any of *.h, *.c* files which were copied on VM – edit it and try to save, Windows on host PC will report “file access error” – file is in-use and cannot be overwritten (or such)



  • go to VM, open VM Settings, disable Shared Folders feature, click [OK], then enable Shared Folders feature back


As I can see this bug is exists in VmWare Workstation for quite a long time (more than 3 years).

Could you pleas fix it, finally?


The idea is – Shared Folders feature MUST NOT EXCLUSIVELY LOCK FILES which were accessed from VM. Especially when these files were closed/released on VM.


Thank you in advance.



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