Self-Hosted Content Library Connection to VCSP Server Failed

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Recently I set up a 3rd party content library of my own following the excellent instructions provided here:…


I used an updated version of the script mentioned in the article from here: vghetto-scripts/ at master · lamw/vghetto-scripts · GitHub


However when I try to Synchronize the library I get a general system error with the message in the error stack:


Connection to VCSP server failed


Comparing against a publicly available library that I was able to sync ( ) the json generated by the script looks ok.


I pretty much used the default Apache config, with the content library root at /var/www/html/content-library/ and everything in that directory is owned by www-data with open read permissions. I can get to the all the files when accessing the server via a browser.


I can ping the content library server from vCenter and was able to download files using curl. Looking at the Apache logs I do see successful GETs for the root lib.json and items.json.


Unsure of how to proceed from here, all suggestions welcome.

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