SEG v2 2.16.0 – not syncing via gsm/3g/4g/lte but wifi

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hey folks,


just curious if someone encountered this behaviour.


Yesterday I updated the SEG v2 from 2.12.0 to 2.16.0. Before the update the mailflow was exciting fast and without any problems. But now its some kind of weird. When my mobile phones or pads try to receive e-mail, they get errors but only if they are not in wifi. No mails to send, no mail to receive. But when they connect to any wifi, all mails are coming in and can be sent. I have no explanation of this behaviour.

On iOS they can go into passwords and accounts and choose the right account and enter password: when they are not in wifi it takes ages to bring up an errormessage (server not available). Otherwise, when they are in wifi, the blue check marks are coming in seconds and all is good.


and it depends not on the wifi – its working in any wifi. company and private wifi.


to this time i have no solution except to create a support case

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