SEG and webmail can we shut off webmail??

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We have the SEG classic and exchange on premises.  On the firewall we have the settings of:


Port Forward:

Uplink: Both

Protocol: TCP

Public Port: 443

Lan IP: (exchange box)
Local Port: 443


Description: Exchange2010-80

Uplink: Both

Protocol: TCP

Public Port: 80

Lan IP: (Exchange)

Local Port: 80


1to 1 NAT


Public IP: (outside IP)

Lan IP: (SEG IP)

Uplink: (internet uplink)

Allowed Inbound Connections: TCP 443 Any remote IP


Mail flows to Boxer on all devices just like we want it to.  When I remove the two port forwarding entries for exchange, I will get mail to my devices if I am inside my network but if I go outside of my network I do not.  Is there a way that I can turn off webmail for external use by deleting the two exchange entries but still get mail delivered to my other devices when they are outside of the network?

I want webmail to work on the inside but not on the outside but I still want boxer to keep on getting mail.  I thought that is what the seg did. Any help would be great!!

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