SecretManagement and SecretStore Updates

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Two updated preview releases are now available on the PowerShell Gallery:

Before installing these modules please uninstall the current preview versions of the modules and restart your PowerShell session.

To install these updates run the following commands:

Uninstall-Module Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretManagement -Force 
Uninstall-Module Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretStore -Force 
#Restart your PowerShell session 
Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretManagement -AllowPrerelease -Repository PSGallery 
Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretStore -AllowPrerelease -Repository PSGallery 
Register-SecretVault -Name SecretStore -ModuleName Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretStore -DefaultVault -AllowClobber

SecretManagement Preview 5 Updates

This update to SecretManagement improves the usability of the module by adding name completers, and adding functionality to Unregister-SecretVault for vault extension authors as well a a few other changes. Read the full list of changes below:

  • Get-Secret -Name parameter now accepts arguments with wild card characters as literals (Issue #67)
  • The Verbose parameter switch is now passed to extension vault module functions as an AdditionalParameters name/value pair (Issue #66)
  • Get-SecretVault -Name parameter now takes a string[] type argument (Issue #59)
  • Test-SecretVault -Name parameter now takes a string[] type argument and accepts wild card characters (Issue #56)
  • Register-SecretVault now has a -PassThru parameter to return information on the secret vault just registered
  • When an extension vault is unregistered and if the vault provides a Unregister-SecretVault function, that extension vault function will be called before the extension vault is unregistered (Issue #60)
  • Vault name and Secret name completers have been added to the cmdlets (Issue #35)

SecretStore Preview 3 Updates

This update to SecretStore includes updates to the cmdlet interface based on user feedback and desire to optimize the usability of the vault. Read the full list of changes below:

  • Set-SecretStoreConfiguration now has a -PassThru parameter to write the store configuration object to the pipeline, and no longer writes the configuration object by default (Issue #25).
  • -PasswordTimeout value of zero now allows the provided password to be used only once (Issue #30).
  • When setting a password, an empty password is no longer accepted (Issue #31).
  • Set-SecretStorePassword now has a parameter set that takes old/new password arguments, to allow setting password by automation (Issue #26).
  • Reset-SecretStore now has a new -Password and -PassThru parameter.
  • Reset-SecretStore will now prompt immediately for a new password, if password authentication is selected and prompt interaction is allowed (Issue #34)

Finding other available extension Vaults

To find other SecretManagement extension vault modules, search the PowerShell Gallery for the “SecretManagement” tag. Some community vault extensions that are available:

Thank you to everyone who has created vaults thus far!

Feedback and Support

Community feedback has been essential to the iterative development of these modules. Thank you to everyone who has contributed issues, and feedback thus far! As we approach General Availability, targeted for later this year, for these modules now is the time to test the modules against your scenarios to request changes (especially breaking ones) and discover bugs. To file issues or get support for the SecretManagement interface or vault development experience please use the SecretManagement repository. For issues which pertain specifically to the SecretStore and its cmdlet interface please use the SecretStore repository.

Sydney Smith PowerShell Team

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