Screen tearing

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There is a lot of screen tearing when using Linux and Windows VMs on Workstation Pro 15.5.6. The graphics card is NVidia GTX 1050 ti with 4GB on a Windows 10 16GB i7-8700 host. The screen tearing and sluggish GUI performance are highly visible even though the 3D acceleration is turned on. The 3D game with low res does function on Windows 7 VM and Linux, though. But scrolling a web page or text in Linux and Windows VMs is sluggish and OS animations are choppy. OS specific fade-in and fade out animations deteriorate to slide shows. It looks like my 3D graphics card is not getting through to the virtual machines at all. There is a Kaspersky Internet Security 20 on host, a two monitor setup, one connected through HDMI and the other through DP port. Using the latest Nvidia drivers. How to fix this?

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