Scaling issues with VMWare Horizon on Mac (Blurry Text)

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Howdy all,

Facing a very odd problem with Macs, 4K screens and the Horizon Client (either 5.4.3 or 2006, I have tried both).The problem I am facing seems to be with Mac clients and scaling. As I run 4K monitors, I have the scaling on Mac set to emulate ‘Looks like 3008 x 1692’. However, when there is any scaling in place on the Mac (other than Native Resolution of 3840 x 2160 I get blurry text on the screen.

Example Below:

scaling issue.jpg
In Microsoft RDP, the text is crisp and clear, in Horizon PCOIP and Blast, it is not (nor funnily enough – Horizon RDP). I have tried the latest client 2006 to no avail. I have also deployed the Group Policy for DPI Scaling (again to no avail).


If I remove scaling from the Mac, at native resolution 3840 x 2160, everything is crisp and clear via Horizon and scales perfectly, even if using the Apps. The moment there is any scaling set on the Mac at all (in System Preferences), I get the blocky text as though Horizon is selecting the scaled resolution of 3008 x 1692 (not, the equivalent hi-dpi).


I have followed the guides at


Using a High-Resolution Mac with Retina Display


However, I get no such option for ‘Connection > Resolution > Full Resolution’ when connecting to the Desktop via Horizon (running sessions on a Windows 2019 standard server). I have ensured I have selected ‘Automatic Resolution’ as well (as a condition of getting the ‘Connection –> Resolution’ menu, again, it does not show up in the Mac Horizon Client.


Has anyone experienced this, or know what might be the cause? I have run into little speed humps here and there, all of which I have been able to overcome (and enjoyed, hey, tis a learning process after all) but this one has me more than a little stumped and pulling my hair out.


Thank you all!


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