Running VMware Workstation with KVM on Linux concurrently

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I am using VMware Workstation and KVM on Fedora 32.

If I use the same user to run both hypervisors, the guest running under KVM would crash frequently.

The problem is reported in Fedora bugzilla 1876123 – KVM VM crashes, auto-reboot and hangs frequently when VMWARE Workstation VM are both running (FC32)

However, the developers at Redhat asked me to contact VMware and said it ‘s not a Linux Kernel or KVM problem.


Recently I tried to change the user that runs KVM. Previously it’s the same user running both hypervisors.

The problem seems doesn’t happened and I need further testing.

So, I would like to get some attention from VMware to see that is the root cause that of the crashes if I use the same user to run both hypervisors.



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