Running out of space inexplicably

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datastore1 is 9TB in size. I only have one Windows server in there that I created with two drives, C=50GB and D=8TB. Twice already it ran out of space and made the server inaccessible. I did some digging around and followed a suggestion to remove any snapshots, which I did and that cleared enough storage up so the server returned to normalcy. Today it happened again even though there are no snapshots. Looking into the datastore, there is the server.vmdk at 50GB and server_1.vmdk at 8TB, as expected, but I don’t understand what server_1-000001.vmdk is? Is it some old snapshot file that remained even after all snapshots were removed? I left for lunch wanting to recharge before getting back into it and the server is up and running upon my return but I imagine it will happen again soon since the datastore is maxed out at 9TB.

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