removed vib driver for vmnic – will a vib update restore functionality

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So i have recently been having issues with upgrading from esxi 6.0 to 6.7 due to some vibs which i believe are from the original dell 5.1 image that was on the host.


i had been going through removing them if they weren’t in use by nic or by storage. but i have now remove the net-tg3 vib, that is used by my vmnic0 adapter, which is then used by several vm’s.


I have yet to reboot the machine to finalise the uninstall.


Obviously this is not.. ideal… but either way it would have to be changed as it was stopping the esxi upgrade.


So, my question is, can I restore functionality by upgrading the net-tg3 vib using an updated dell esxi image?


I have the dell 6.0 and 6.7 zip images, and they both have net-tg3 in them.


Can I use esxcli software vib update –depot… to restore functionality?


I am assuming here that the update will recognize the net-tg3 500 (yet to be rebooted and removed fully), and update it to 600, and then I will probably do it to 670.


Is this a good idea? Will this work?


Will I lose the vmnic0 data? If so how hard is it to recreate and move the vm’s onto a new vmnic?


Many thanks.

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