re:Invent 2020 Liveblog: Andy Jassy Keynote

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I’m always ready to try something new! This year, I am going to liveblog Andy Jassy‘s AWS re:Invent keynote address, which takes place from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Tuesday, December 1 (PST). I’ll be updating this post every couple of minutes as I watch Andy’s address from the comfort of my home office.

Stay tuned and keep on refreshing!


8:31 AM – Lori Beer, CIO of JPMorgan Chase. Everything is at tremendous scale. Technology helps them to differentiate, dealing with technical change since the time of Thomas Edison. Today, driven by mobile computing. Rapid pace of change, disruption.

Leveraging AWS to refactor apps to be cloud native, leveraging AI/ML, while staying secure.

Holding hackathons in conjunction with AWS to better understand problems, then develop reusable blueprints. AWs lets them scale to massive volume. Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), AWS Lambda, Amazon EMR all let them innovate and stay ahead of their competitors. Migrating critical workloads and taking advantage of unique capabilities of the platform.

Use Amazon SageMaker to rapidly test and train ML algorithms, supporting real use cases that deliver real value. Investing in cloud data warehousing with Amazon Redshift, influenced by their ML success. Infusing analytics into everything they do.

Already seeing payoff in efficiency, agility, and security.

8:30 AM – AWS in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, we’ve been at this for 6 years more than anyone else.

8:20 AM – What does it take to reinvent?

  1. Leadership will to invent and reinvent. AirBnb, Peleton, Stripe — all huge amounts of invention. You have to be maniacal, relentless, and tenacious. You need to have the data, even if people inside might try to obfuscate it from you. You can’t fight gravity, and you have to have the courage to pick up and change. Netflix cannibalizing DVD rental business, or Amazon.
  2. Acknowledge that you can’t fight gravity. Amazon compared to eBay or Half, how do you serve customers? Build a marketplace, invite in third-party sellers.
  3. Talent that’s hungry to invent. New talent often more willing to rip up and rebuild, because existing talent possibly reluctant to do that to what they built.
  4. Solve real customer problems. Focus on customers, not on competitors or on products. Invent on behalf of customers instead of building stuff because it is cool.
  5. Speed. Matters at every stage of the business. Push back against claims of too risky. Speed is a choice, make it, set up a culture that has urgency and wants to experiment. Not a switch, must build the muscle. Now is the time.
  6. Don’t Complexify. Managing technologies while making big transformations and shifts. Choose a partner, get momentum, get success & results, add complexity later.
  7. Use platform with most capabilities & broadest set of tools. [[What’s a 5 iron??]] All of these things enable builders to create anything that they can imagine.
  8. Pull it all together with aggressive top-down goals. GE moving apps to AWS in 30 days (a while ago), seemed aggressive, CIO made them do it anyway. Almost done moving 9,000 apps to AWS in just 2 years. Similar story at Capital One. Avoid just dipping toe into the water.

8:10 AM – There’s still a lot of growth ahead, with just 4% of total IT spending currently on the cloud. COVID-19 is pushing companies to the cloud. There’s less dipping of toes into the water and more action. Companies on the Fortune 500 don’t often last there, unless they reinvent themselves regularly. Better to do this early when you are healthy than in a moment of desperation. To do this you need the right culture and the right technology.

8:05 AM – Andy is on stage, and announced that over 500,000 people have registered for re:Invent. It will take place over the next 3 weeks. He’s explaining what it means to grow to a $46B annual run rate:

7:57 AM – You’ve been listening to Zach Person:

7:55 AM – We’re just about ready. Don’t forget to keep on refreshing this page so that you can read all of my updates!

7:50 AM – Are you ready to watch the keynote? I am! I had my first re:Invent briefing on October 1st and have been working on my content ever since. The teams have been doing their best to listen to customers, develop a deep understanding of their needs, and to build services and features that meet those needs. It is always an exciting and frenetic time, and there’s always 5x more work to be done than there’s time for.

7:45 AM – I’m sitting at my desk and ready to go, with a nice mocha and some fizzy water (two separate drinks) to get me going. In addition to doing this live blog, I will be tweeting links to my blog posts as soon as Andy makes the announcements, retweeting links to the posts written by the other AWS News bloggers, and participating in the online virtual audience for the keynote. I’m also preparing for a customer meeting right after the keynote and a video recording later in the day.


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