Recovered VMs – Can’t read disk

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I have several VMs that were recovered from VMFS and put onto a Windows USB Drive (NTFS).  I moved the files off of the USB drive back onto the ESXi server.  I started the VM using Workstation, but get the message:  “Unable to enumerate all disks”  (there is just 1 disk, but there are vswp files)


I then attempted to mount the drive in Windows, but I get:  “Error reading volume information.  Please select another disk file”. This happens whether I read the base vmdk or the flat.vmdk.


After this I created a new VM (Local, not ESXi) and tried to map the flat.vmdk to the new VM.  When I click finish on the Add Hardware Wizard I get:  “The file specified is not a virtual disk”



I’m not real sure where to go at this point.  The files look like this:




I’m not sure what else I can do at this point to get my data back.  There are other VM’s on this recovered disk that are similar in that I cannot access them.  I’m sure there must be a way that I am completely missing  

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