Re-attach distributed port groups to distributed switch after host rebuild

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Good morning.  We have a situation where a 6.5U3 host on a blade that needed a rebuild due to hardware failure.  Rejoined it to vCenter and the cluster with no issues.  However, there are 2 distributed switches, one that is fully vmk ports for storage and one for other VLANs.  Switch B – storage – is fine.  vmk ports rejoined ok, that’s working as it should.  However I don’t know how to re-join the other distributed port groups to dvSw A.  My thinking now is to remove the host from Sw A and re-join it, would that work?   My experience with dv switches is set and forget, not really had an issue with them before, certainly not this.   Is there a command line or PowerCLi way of doing it?  All I can find online is how to create port groups on a distributed switch – thats not what I want to do.  I need to re-attach the existing ones.

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