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I wonder if there is any reason why Quick Launch Explorer items are inactive when you are in Review mode of a Call/Request/Task screen.

I don’t think that executing any Quick Launch item should necessary mean that you are taking steps to resolve a Call.

Especially in case when Quick Launch item does not require to update the entity history (you may [un-]select this setting in the Quick Launch configuration).


I may be wrong of course (if I just don’t see that important reason) but I decided to make them active.

And here is the solution if anyone wouldn’t mind to do the same:


     LINE 92:

     oExplorer.EnableDisableKey(“QuickApp” + arrQuickAppDetails[i].ref, !bReview);

has to be changed to

     oExplorer.EnableDisableKey(“QuickApp” + arrQuickAppDetails[i].ref, !bReview || !arrQuickAppDetails[i].recordInHistory);


Now, in example, from Quick Launch I can open internet browser window with Google Maps showing a Call organization location without taking action on that particular Call. [Do VSM Certified Developers remember this challenging task? =) ]


Have a good morning/day/night,



P.S. as usually, this is only a suggestion for those who would like to take the responsibility on their own. Contact PSO or the vendor if you want to be sure.

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