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Hi All


We are having a lot of performance issues with our VMs and a lot of staff are complaining that applications are slow and freeze (for example restarting a window server use to take 5-10 sec, and now it take over 5 minute, new windows seems to take half a sec between click and action etc).

I’m having difficulties trying to troubleshoot these issues so i’m trying to start at basic as i have inherited this setup a while back and i have been trying to adapt to changes as needed and not everything that has been done in the past make sense to me.


For our setup we run 2 datacenter that are almost identical, both have a vcenter appliance and replication appliance.

Our infrastructure is composed of a Dell VRTX chassis with 4 blades and 40Tb of shared internal storage on raid 60, vmfs. we run vmware 6.7 u3


Each blade has 4 physical network, 2x1gb and 2x10gb


We have a standard switch on each with the 2x1gb setup, connected to the vmkernel vmk0, default stack

We have also a distributed switch using the 2x10gb for each where everything else is connected.


We went through a major re-ip work recently and basically is our management network on main datacenter. is remnant of the old network, local only.

So my questions would be :

Am i correct to think that all replication traffic would go through the 1gb management interface ?

Do we have enough vmkernel and is the vmkernel setup look fine

Where do i look for performance issues after that.


i hope that make sense and appreciate any help.


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