Question about Auto Reclaim in the VMFS6

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Hi, all.


I have a question about Auto reclaim on the VMFS6


When I read several articles, I found out that VMFS 6 is automatic reclaim, but it’s asynchronous.

But I don’t know exactly what asynchronous means.


Deleting or migrating VMs from datastores will free up space on the datastores that vCenter views.

However, because this is not recognized by the storage array, ESXi must send a unmapped request to the storage array.

I understand that starting with VMFS6, the ESXi host sends a unmap request for erased data to the storage array.

I can control the rate of unmapping depending on the priority option, but the storage array does not reflect this even after enough time has passed.


Is it because it is asynchronous?

Is it because it’s not real-time sync?


I read that it takes 12 to 24 hours, when does ESXi send a unmap request to the storage array?


I’m sorry if my questions were too complicated. I’d like your help.



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