Query Alerts in VROPs 8 timeouts

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I’m trying to use the queryAlerts REST API to get CRITICAL, active alerts for HOSTSYSTEMS and DATASTORES.  Initial testing of this method looked promising, however now I only receive successful results when my query results in no alerts.  When I confirm that an an alert exists in the dashboard, I use the api to get it’s resourceId and translate the date into their required UNIX EPOCH MS and submit a pretty simple request.  However, I’ve either received 400 Bad Request or my request times out.  Even if i set the HTTP timeout  value to >300 seconds and/or set the pageSize value to <5


Many times the status code 400 errors are JSON syntax errors but I believe I’ve gotten all of those, however, a few times I can trace a timeout to a syntax error too, was that a coincidence or is that also a realistic result?  If so, does VROPs use a stricter JSON parser than https://jsonlint.com/?

I’ve tried pretty simple queries, and the docs say everything is optional:


“compositeOperator “: “AND “,

“resource-query”: {

“adapterKind”: [“VMWARE”],

“resourceKind”: [“HostSystem”,



“resourceId”: idArray


“startTimeRange”: {

“startTime”: unixEPoch,

“endTime”: unixEPochEnd



Is there a administrator log that could shed some light on this issue?



Does the VROPS api have default rate limits?  If so where are they configured?


Thank you

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