Purple Screen of death when installing a Guest on a DL 380 G6

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Hi Everyone,

I just retrieve a DL 380 G6 server, with some disks and RAM. I wanted to Install ESXI 6.5.0 on it (with a special edited image).

When installing ESXI, i’ve got no problem, it boot normally etc…
The problem appears when i’m installing a OS on a Guest (whatever, Ubuntu, Debian or Windows). It start the installation and freeze after that, showing me this “beautiful” PSOD.

I did a memtest86 but there is no error.

It doesn’t came from the ESXI image but of the server itself, cause i tried with other OS (Proxmox, debian, ubuntu) and all of them have problems at the installation.

So the PSOD is my only way to solve all this problems.


Here is a OCR of the screen, and the screen itself in case of bad recognation.


Thank you in advance everybody !



Muare ES)(i 6.5.0 [Releasebuild-5310538 x86_64]

LINT1/NMI (motherboard nonmaskable interrupt), undiagnosed. This may be a hardware problem; please contact your hardware vendor

r04Ix8001003d cr241x430000f80000 cr341xdf622000 cr441x216c



ode start: 0x41801c800000 VMK uptime: 0:04:07:18.265

0x438040002c60J0x41801c8ec931]PanicvPanicInt0vmkernelltnover+0x545 stack: 0x41801c8ec931

0x438040002d00J0x41801c8ec9bd]Panic_MoSave@vmkernelltnover+0x4d stack: 0x438040002d60

0x438040002d60J0x41801c8e9c8e]MMICheckLintAvmkernelltnover+0x19a stack: 0x0

0x438040002e20J0x41801c8e9d24MMI_Interrupt0vmkernelltnover+0x94 stack: 0x0

0x438040002ea0J0x41801c92bb111IDTMMIWork0vmkernelltnover+0x99 stack: 0x0

0x438040002f20:I0x41801c92cfa1]Int2_MMI0vmkernelltnover+0x19 stack: 0x418040000000

0x438040002f40J0x41801c93c044]gate_entry_Pvmkernelltnover+0x0 stack: 0x0

0x439152b9bc70:I0x41801c88aec2Power_ArchSetCStatePvmkernelltnover+0x106 stack: 0x7fffffffffffffff

0x439152b9bca0J0x41801cac44b3]CpuSchedIdleLoopInt@vmkernelltnover+0x39b stack: 0x1

0x439152b9bd10:[0x41801cac6d6a]CpuSchedDispatch0vmkernelltnover+0x114a stack: 0x410000000001

0x439152b9be40:[0x41801cac7fe2]CpuSchedWait0vmkernelltnover+0x27a stack: 0x100430372f20080

0x439152b9bec0J0x41801cac8350]CpuSchedTimedWaitInt@vmkernelltnover+0xa8 stack: 0x206300002001

0x439152b9bf30:[0x41801cac8546]CpuSched_EventQueueTimedWait0vmkernelltnover+0x36 stack: 0x430372f20080

0x439152b9bf50:[0x41801c8c949c]helpFunc0vmkernelltnover+0x564 stack: 0x430078ff3050

0x439152b9bfe0J0x41801cac8c95]CpuSched_StartWorldPvmkernelltnover+0x99 stack: 0x0

lase fs=0x0 gs=0x418040000000 Kgs=0x0

‘020-07-28T13:47:27.5477 cpu4:66541)Logs are stored on non-persistent storage. Consult product documentation to configure a sy

log server or a scratch partition.

oredump to disk. Slot 1 of 1 on device naa.600508b1001037383941424344450a00:9.

DiskDump: FAILED: Timeout

No file configured to dump data.

No vsan object configured to dump data.

No port for remote debugger. —Escape— for local debugger.

VMware ESXi 6.5.0 [Releasebuild-5310538 x86 641.png

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