PSOD with ILO 650.10.0.1 and vsphere 6.5

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Last week we had strange situation. Before 3 months we upgraded vcenter and cluster to 6.5 (using HP image). And it with some issues (with migration and PSOD later fixed with hot patch), it worked well.

But last week we upgraded first vcenter to 6.5 U1 and than two hosts in cluster, and everything was fine. After few minutes hosts started to crash PSOD, but I’m talking about hosts what were not upgraded, upgraded worked well.

After that we found that upgraded have new ILO drivers 650.10.1.x and old have 650.10.0.x, after that vmware confirmed problem with ILO.


Here I want to determinate what was the trigger of crash, as I said before vsphere 6.5 with old friver worked well for 3 months, and after upgrade part of infrastructure to 6.5U1 it started to crash?


Does anyone have exploitation of situation?





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