PSOD when using USB passthrough

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I’ve been having issues with USB passthrough on my ESXi 7.0b setup. The USB devices I have connected to the USB controller are the following 3 devices:


USB 3.0 Hub

USB 56k conexant modem (CX93010 ACF)

Corsair Commander Pro (I use this to control the fans and get temperature reading of the system)


My hardware setup is consumer grade hardware (I know this is not a typical ESXi setup)


Core i5-8600


Gigabyte Z370N Wifi (ITX Motherboard)

WD SN720 1TB NVMe Drive

Samsung 1TB SATA SSD

Seagate 240GB SATA SSD

Intel i350-T4 NIC


The one thing this setup cannot do is pci passthrough for the ONLY usb controller on the motherboard, so my only option is to use USB device passthrough which ESXi handles.


The system will PSOD when I try to check on the temperatures on the VM that is hosting all the USB devices from the above. The frequency of the PSOD is infrequent as I can’t get it to PSOD on demand. Below is the screen shot from the PSOD which leads me to believe it’s one of the USB devices since I had the server run solidly for a month when the USB devices aren’t being passthrough’ed.




The one thing I am trying to do at the moment is turn off all power management on USB devices and see if that will help.


If anyone can confirm or help me decrypt the PSOD to help me narrow down why I am getting a PSOD that would be appreciated!

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