Problem with local deployment of a vcenter plugin

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Hi VMWare Community,


In order to develop and debug our custom plugin (as a team), we need to deploy and run it on our local machines. Here are some details:


What do we do:


Local environment setup:

  • We download the vSphere Client SDK or 6.7.20000 to local machine (depending on vcenter version)
    • We unpack the content locally and set required environment variables: VMWARE_CFG_DIR, VSPHERE_SDK_HOME
    • We have correct JAVA_HOME and MAVEN_HOME defined
  • We run the server-registration.bat script from vcenter SDK to generate three required files (store.jks, and and we store them under correct locations in ProgramFIlesVMWarevCenterServercfg 
    • server-registration.bat -vcip [our-vcenter-IP] -u [user] -pw [thePassword]
  • At the very end, we run the startup.bat script from html-client-sdkvsphere-uiserverbin in order to locally run the environment with debug option
    • startup.bat -debug 6969 
  • After a couple of minutes, if everything works ok, setup script is completed and we can access the local environment by entering the https://localhost:9443/ui , login and see the content of the vcenter locally.


What does not work:


In spite of the fact that all team members follow same steps, some group of them are not able to start the plugin correctly. Here you can see the symptoms:


1) Installation process hangs on the following phase and doesn’t process any further


2) When trying to login we can see an error message indicating a authentication problem:


3) In virgo logs we can observe:

[2020-08-04T07:30:24.368+02:00] [ERROR] cm-catalog-manager-pool-12    com.vmware.vim.sso.client.impl.SoapBindingImpl                    SOAP fault
verSOAPFaultException: Client received SOAP Fault from server: Signature is invalid. Please see the server log to find more detail regarding exact cause of the failure.



Main question:

According to us, there is something wrong with certificates on local machines (only few people are affected in the team). Not sure what exactly. Should we think about any other certificates than these in Java keystore (according to JAVA_HOME) or store.jks (generated from vcenter) ? Do you have any ideas what can be the cause or where should we look for it?



What we’ve already tried (with no effect):

  • Going through the same procedure (using the same vcenters) by different team members
  • Generating the store.jks by people who do not have problems any use it by other user
  • Copying the jre keystore (from JAVA_HOME) from people who do not have problems
  • Members facing this problem tried to use different vcenters as well
  • Examining the local firewall logs did not revealed any blocked traffic
  • We also try to perform the entire setup procedure from scratch, many times removing the following files/dirs before:
    • C:ProgramDataVMwarevCenterServercfgvsphere-clientcmCatalog
    • C:ProgramDataVMwarevCenterServercfgvsphere-clientcm-service-packages
    • C:ProgramDataVMwarevCenterServercfgvsphere-clientvc-packages
    • C:ProgramDataVMwarevCenterServercfgvsphere-clientcompatability-matrix.xml.


Please let me know if I should add any other information. All help is appreciated.





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