Problem when host (Mac) is going to sleep

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Hi all,


I suppose my issue is well know – its similar to this thread Fusion 15.5.5 Suspends in Sleep Mode but solution doesn’t work for me.


Almost every time when my Mac is going to sleep (closing lid or apple -> sleep) my guest Kali  Linux VM is shutting down or crashing.

I have no idea what is wrong with Fusion – Im newbie to Mac and Fusion but Im using VMWare Workstation on PC with the same Kali VM for over 4 years without any problem – when closing the lid, windows is going to sleep, opening lid and my VM is up and running.



Im appreciated for every hint you can provide.



Couple of times Fusion crashed in a bad manner forcing me to restart MacBook – f.e. with keyboard unresponsive, just mouse working so only restart helped.

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