Problem in VM performance using VMWare 6.7

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Gentlemen, I have a PowerEdge R410 server, Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz, 64 GB RAM, HD SAS 15K 600GB RAID1. I created only one VM with Windows Server 2019, in this Windows runs Terminal Service and Firebird 2.5. For some reason when I order to run a report routine that takes 40 minutes on the physical machine, the VM is taking 5 hours. One thing I noticed is that when firebird is running the task it is using only 1 core and not all, although it is configured with CpuAffinity 255. And the application itself does not perform more than 30% of the machine’s processing. There is no limit configured in VMWare and when I run a stress test it runs on all vCPUs. Does anyone have any idea how to improve this?

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