Prevent NFS connections on boot ?

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Hey we’ve got a host that is still trying to connect to NFS shares for a device that has been long since removed from the environment.  It isn’t really a problem, but it causes the host to take a long time to boot.  Anyone know how I can prevent the host from doing this?  Everything I’ve found online seems to refer to using commands like “esxcli storage nfs list” and “esxcfg-nas -l” to first identify the NFS shares you want to remove.  Because the connection was never successful though, it comes up empty.  host still tries to connect on restart though.


Here is where the host is hanging on boot for a long time.  I was able to identify this console output by using the ALT+F12 trick.

168: NFS mount <IP Address>:/vol/nfsshare failed: Unable to connect to NFS server

3341: Synchronous RPC abort for client 0xblahblah IP <NFS IP Address>



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