Powershell – get datastore disk usage rather than total VM disk usage

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Hi.  Thanks to LucD I am progressing with my script to get vCenter details but the one bit I am stuck on is with regard to the datastore disk usage particularly if a VM has more than one VMDK and they are on separate datastores.


At the moment, I am using the code below to get the datastore names:


(Get-View -Id $vm.Datastore -Property Name).Name -join “|”


and the code below to get the VM diskspace usage:


[math]::Round(($vm.Storage.PerDatastoreUsage.Committed | Measure-Object -Sum).Sum/1GB,1)


What I would like to do is get the disk size for each VMDK.  For example if a VM has 2 x VMDKs on separate datastores, I would like the report to show:


datastore1          50Gb

datastore2          30Gb


Any ideas please?

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