powercli shows paths as standby, but they are active on vsphere client and web client

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Hello all,


In the past months we managed to upgrade our infrastructure from 5.1 to 6.0 (that was a real pain to accomplish on such big environment). Now, we have this little annoyance with one of the scripts we were using. In order to pull out HBA Lun Path status, we used an script which counted the amount of Active, Death and standby paths. While the script it self works, hence the commands are fine, it is showing all paths as stand by. So, I thought it was an issue with the script, yet when I run it as a single line I still get same results. Any ideas why after upgrading command is showing different results?


Here is the single line and its output (obviously changing host name for security reasons) for some of the paths:


PowerCLI E:Scripts> get-vmhost host01 | Get-VMHostHba -Type “FibreChannel” | Get-ScsiLun | Get-ScsiLunPath | select name, scsilun, state


Name                                                      ScsiLun                                                                                                       State

—-                                                      ——-                                                                                                       —–

vmhba5:C0:T3:L3,fc.20000024ff2f0305:21000024ff2f0305-f… naa.6005076801808631e000000000000363  Standby

vmhba5:C0:T2:L3,fc.20000024ff2f0305:21000024ff2f0305-f… naa.6005076801808631e000000000000363 Standby

vmhba64:C0:T3:L3,fc.20000024ff2f02d8:21000024ff2f02d8-… naa.6005076801808631e000000000000363 Standby

vmhba64:C0:T2:L3,fc.20000024ff2f02d8:21000024ff2f02d8-… naa.6005076801808631e000000000000363 Standby

vmhba64:C0:T0:L3,fc.20000024ff2f02d8:21000024ff2f02d8-… naa.60050768018106341800000000000358 Standby

vmhba5:C0:T1:L3,fc.20000024ff2f0305:21000024ff2f0305-f… naa.60050768018106341800000000000358 Standby

vmhba5:C0:T0:L3,fc.20000024ff2f0305:21000024ff2f0305-f… naa.60050768018106341800000000000358 Standby

vmhba64:C0:T1:L3,fc.20000024ff2f02d8:21000024ff2f02d8-… naa.60050768018106341800000000000358 Standby


Here is the script output for same server:


VMHost      HBA Active Dead Standby
——      —— —- ——-
host01 vmhba64 0  0 72
host01 vmhba4  0  0 56
host01 vmhba65 0  0 56
host01 vmhba5  0  0 72

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