Poor performance with Overlay on NSX-T 2.5.1 with vSphere 6.7U3

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I’m starting to test out Geneve backed segments and have noticed I can only get about 2 VMs on a segment before I start having performance issues like gpupdate doesn’t complete, SMB isn’t accessible, domain authentication issues etc etc.


I can ping the VMs the entire time all of that is happening and if I turn everything off except one VM then everything works fine on that VM but as soon as I have 2 or 3 VMs running the start having the above issues.


I thought maybe a network driver issue and updated to the latest available gfle3 driver version with no luck, I imagine this is an issue with a segment profile but I’m hoping someone else has already figured out what.


I’m using QLogic BCM57810 NDC cards in Dell blade servers, ESXi and vCenter are on the latest version of 6.7U3.


I don’t know if the same issues are happening on VLAN backed segments as my management and edge clusters aren’t part of the N-VDS switch.


I don’t have ENS enabled on the overlay zone either (I saw you have to have specific NICs for that and a driver) and it’s more for a Telco.


Thanks for any help or pointers anyone can offer.

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