Performance of NVME SSD Disk with VMware Workstation 12 Pro

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Recently we installed some of Samsungs new NVME SSD Disks (PCIE M2) and there is quite a difference in the performace of that SSD on the Win 7 PC directly and within a Win 7 virtual machine on that very same PC…



The AS SSD Benchamrk gives following results:


Seq Read, 10 GB on PC directly:   2611 MB/s

Seq Write, 10 GB on PC directly:   1620 MB/s


Seq Read, 10 GB in VM:                1446 MB/s

Seq Write, 10 GB in VM:                  778 MB/s


The VM uses the SSD via SCSI.


Since it is the very first time I installed a VM I wonder if that loss of disk performance is to be expected, or should the VM perform better?




If the performance for read / write on the PC directly is set as 100% what performance could be expected within the VM?
80% or maybe just 60%? Or did I do something wrong?


If the disk performance in the VM can be improved, how so?













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