Performance counters from VM’s in Cluster

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Dear Forum,

I am seeking out for a Script, that fetches the following performance counters from all VM’s inside a Cluster at a given runtime.

1. VM Name

2. CPU load in percent ย average

3. CPU load MHZ average

4. Number of assigned CPU Cores (static value)

Since getting this values in parallel will be a time consuming task, I had the idea to split it on a ‘per cluster basis’ and execute them paralelly. Performance is kind of a deal here.

I already have a basic script that allows me to connect to all Hosts of a certain Cluster, but I’m missing the whole ‘get values and pack it into variables’ part ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sure that somebody has got something quite similar that he/she maybe want’s to share.

THanks in advance,

Kind regards, Markus

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