Performance counters from VM’s in Cluster

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Dear Forum,

I am seeking out for a Script, that fetches the following performance counters from all VM’s inside a Cluster at a given runtime.

1. VM Name

2. CPU load in percent  average

3. CPU load MHZ average

4. Number of assigned CPU Cores (static value)

Since getting this values in parallel will be a time consuming task, I had the idea to split it on a ‘per cluster basis’ and execute them paralelly. Performance is kind of a deal here.

I already have a basic script that allows me to connect to all Hosts of a certain Cluster, but I’m missing the whole ‘get values and pack it into variables’ part 🙂

I’m sure that somebody has got something quite similar that he/she maybe want’s to share.

THanks in advance,

Kind regards, Markus

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