Pending VeloCloud SDWAN Install, Can’t Get Answers To Simple Questions

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      Let me start by saying that, while very familiar with traditional WAN configurations, I’m a complete noob when it comes to SDWAN and VeloCloud.


      I am currently working with our telco to migrate our 4 location network from MPLS to SDWAN.  We’re at the VeloCloud design stage and I’m not understanding how some simple networking concepts are handled under VeloCloud SDWAN.  Can someone familiar please offer some enlightenment?


     Each of my locations have their own router for handling each of the remote subnets.  A WAN port on each of these routers is connected to a LAN port on the respective telco’s edge router with a /30 subnet.  Each of my routers have their default route pointed at the telco routers’ LAN interface.  Once traffic hits the MPLS cloud, it handles whether to direct traffic to one of my other remote sites via static routes, or to the internet if no match.


     Under VeloCloud SDWAN, the proposed configuration has only one internet connection on a secondary WAN interface at our HQ location.  The plan is for SDWAN to direct all private subnet-to-subnet traffic to the respective remote sites and then forward all internet traffic to my router at HQ.


     I have two simple questions that have remained unanswered from the VeloCloud/SDWAN engineers:

               1) Under VeloCloud SDWAN, can I expect the same /30 WAN-to-LAN connection from my remote location’s router to the respective VeloCloud device or does the VeloCloud device just mirror my router’s WAN interface to the SDWAN cloud?

               2) How are my static routes handled, in the SDWAN cloud by the VeloCloud devices or will I need to add static routing to each of my locations’ site routers?


     Lastly, I’m getting conflicting information about internet requirements of the VeloCloud devices.  At first I was told that they only needed internet for authorization.  Now at the implementation phase, they’re telling me that the VeloCloud devices require constant internet connection and are therefore setting up a second interface at the HQ location to handle the VeloCloud’s internet access.


     Any help or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.




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