Path Differences Between Command line & running programs from Installbuilder on Mac

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Hello Support,


Right now i am trying to set up properly git-lfs as part of my install process on the mac.  I’ve installed git successfully and installed git-lfs, so that it works correctly on the command prompt and git comands will work in installbuilder.  However either ‘git-lfs’ command or ‘git lfs’ are not found when invoked from <runProgram>  when i display the value of ${env(PATH)} within the installer i get:





versus from the command prompt:

echo $PATH



And since git-lfs is installed in usr/local/bin and that isn’t included in the installbuilder version of the path I think that is the problem.  My question is why are these 2 variables different, and how can i change the path within installbuilder? 

I’ve tried both <setEnvironmentVariable> & <addDirectorytoPath> to try to modify the path but neither seem to have an effect.  Also note i am turning on the flag <requireInstallationByRootUser> so i can have admin privileges for my installer, not sure if that is relevant to.this issue or not.




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