Panic requested by another PCPU caused by Win Server 2019 on boot

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We have a long running ESXi instance (6.7.0 Update 2) that has been running a Win Server 2019 for over a year.  Upon a recent reboot, we are getting a red screen of death reading:

“Panic requested by another PCPU”.


We have a mid-day snapshot from a few days back, and that will run fine.  But, once we reboot the VM, Windows will start to boot up (never get to the logon screen) and then freeze.  About a minute later the ESXI monitor will show this again.


I’m at a complete loss in how to diagnose and fix this issue.  The server is up and running right now (has been for hours), but a reboot will put us back in this state after about 5 minutes.


Any ideas?  I’ll gladly supply any logs, etc.  Or, follow any links in collecting what is needed to further a solution.


Thank you for your time!

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