OVA additional settings missing in Vsphere/esxi 7

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So after encountering numerous issues with ESXI 6.5 I am evaluating ESXI 7.


One of issues i encounter with ESXI 6.5 is that deploying a VM from an OVA that requires you to set a default password does not work when it works fine within VMware fusion 11.5.6. Even using a public key does not work as for some reason the ubuntu OVA networking does not start when deploying from an OVA in ESXI 6.5. I have tired numerous different OVAs and get the same result with all.


When importing a OVA into ESXI 7 I don’t even get the options for additional settings so can not set the default password.





ESXI 6.5



As you can see the additional settings option is missing.


Is this a known defect?

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