'OSError: [Errno 38] Function not implemented' for python command 'asyncio.get_event_loop ()'

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I do not know if this is a bug or such a feature of ESXi 6.5, but I decided to write on the forum. The bottom line is that on ESXi 6.5, if you run the following commands in python, we get an exception:

>>> import asyncio

>>> loop = asyncio.get_event_loop ()

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File “<stdin>”, line 1, in <module>

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/asyncio/events.py”, line 671, in get_event_loop

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/asyncio/events.py”, line 580, in get_event_loop

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/asyncio/events.py”, line 598, in new_event_loop

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/asyncio/unix_events.py”, line 56, in __init__

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/asyncio/selector_events.py”, line 64, in __init__

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/selectors.py”, line 399, in __init__

OSError: [Errno 38] Function not implemented

Exception ignored in: <bound method BaseEventLoop .__ del__ of <_UnixSelectorEventLoop running = False closed = False debug = False >>

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/asyncio/base_events.py”, line 510, in __del__

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/asyncio/unix_events.py”, line 63, in close

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/asyncio/selector_events.py”, line 110, in close

  File “/build/mts/release/bora-8294253/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib64/python3.5/asyncio/selector_events.py”, line 120, in _close_self_pipe

AttributeError: ‘_UnixSelectorEventLoop’ object has no attribute ‘_ssock’

This works for ESXi 6.7 and ESXi 7.0

Command result of ‘esxcli system version get’:

   Product: VMware ESXi

   Version: 6.5.0

   Build: Releasebuild-8294253

   Update: 2

   Patch: 50


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