One windows app cannot open files on Mac folder

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Fusion 12 on Mac 10.15.6.

I setup shared folders and have added my Mac Documents and Software as shared folders.

I have 3 Windows apps that use the data on the Mac folder. 2 apps works without a problem reading/updating and saving data back to the Mac folder. But my Quickbooks app cannot open the company files on the Mac folder. I can see all files in Windows explorer but when I start Quickbooks and select the company file it takes a while before an popup tells me that the file could not be opened. The error code is -6176 0 but I assume this is a Quickbooks error code.

Quickbooks has a check program that I ran but it did not find any issues.

I tried to mirror the Documents folder, but it did not make a difference.


I am hoping that somebody in the community is running Quickbooks in VMware on a Mac as well and might be able to comment on this issue.

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