OMG!!! vCenter is went down – now what ????

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Starting as a newbie in Vmware we all came to know that vCenter Server provides a centralized platform for managing your vSphere environments which is our “Virtual Infra”, allowing us to automate and deliver a virtual infrastructure security also.

There we can conclude that vCenter is a core component of our Virtual Environment…..

What happens when vCenter is down? What happens with HA, DRS, FT, vDS, Clone Tempate, Snapshot etc?’

Interesting, yeah it was quite interesting for me which made me build this scenario in my lab and test it.

If vCenter becomes unavailable, I was not be able to make any changes to the cluster configuration but all of your VMs will still run and we you need to make any change to a VM, we have to to log individually on each ESXi host and do it from there – No not from vCenter because it down right now 🙂

DRS (Distributed Resource scheduler) will not work, because moving the VMs between hosts is a vCenter function.

Fault Tolerance (FT) will continue to work for the configured VMs, but in case of a failover no new secondary will be created.
All the VMs that are connected to a Distributed Switch (vDS) will continue to have network access, but you will not be able to make any changes to vDS configuration.
Clone and Template won’t work i.e was not able to clone a VM or Deploy VM from Template.
vMotion or Storage vMotion was not not work.
Now let us summarize this:
No Impact:
1. VM’s = Work,
2. vSwitch continuous to work and You can even make changes to vSwitch.
3. You can take a snapshot of VM by connecting to the Host using vSphere Client
Limited functions working:
4. HA will continue to work BUT you will not be able to change the configuration
5. dvSwith Continues to work BUT you will not be able to change the configuration
6. FT will continue to work for the configured VMs. However in case of a failover, no new Secondary will be created
Full impact:
7. vMotion Will not work
8. DRS will not work
9. You will not be able to Deploy vm from templates
10. You cannot clone the VM

Hope this was informative for you 😊

Keep Learning….. Sharing…. Growing…..

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