NSX-V – Identify firewall rule

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Hello there,


We have enviroment with NSX-V 6.4.6 and having a drop traffic that we dont know why is dropping on a specific rule.


Log dfw:


2020-08-06T10:54:59.805Z 48800 INET match PASS domain-c8/1225 OUT 48 TCP> S

2020-08-06T10:54:59.806Z 59736 INET match PASS domain-c8/1225 IN 48 TCP> S


Rule id 1225:

Src: any

Dst: LS_management (

Service: any


VM A needs to stablish ssh connection to VM B and its drop by the rule above.




IP address of vms isnt belongs to LS_management. Is there any way to know why this kind of traffic its matching on that rule?



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