NSX-v 6.4 End of Support Extended

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For those with NSX-v 6.4, they’d know the end of general support date was 16/01/2021, (just over a year from now). If you check the product lifecycle it now shows the end of general support is 16/01/2022.

Product Lifecycle Matrix


Even though end of support has been extended, if you’re doing a new deployment, or a migration to new environment, consider if NSX-T will meet your requirements. Because trying to migrate from NSX-v to NSX-T in a production environment is a lot of work, and if you’re using VXLAN, there will be a network outage during cutover. It’s a lot easier to start an environment on NSX-T.

Any new deployments should be on NSX-T unless there’s a specific requirement that can only be met with NSX-v. And even then, look to see if there’s an alternative to meet that requirement. For example, in NSX-T 2.5 it’s missing SNMP traps when compared to NSX-v. But do you really need it, or is it time to review how you monitor your environment?

If you are currently running NSX-v, keep an eye on that support end date, as you’ll probably be getting close to end of support for other products in your environment. Start thinking how you’re going to lifecycle the platform. NSX-v, vSphere, storage and servers.

It’s the circle of life. Make sure you’re ready.

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