NSX-T Declarative API

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I need to use declarative API to perform some automation tasks, for this instance i need to create few segments.


Below code is to create just a single segment and i am putting a Patch request to https://nsx-fqdn/policy/api/v1/infra




    “resource_type”: “infra”,

    “children”: [


        “resource_type”: “ChildSegment”,

        “Segment”: {

            “resource_type”: “Segment”,

            “display_name”: “Post01”,

            “id”: “Post01”






But i get the below error, can anyone please help to get this right


    “httpStatus”: “BAD_REQUEST”,

    “error_code”: 220,

    “module_name”: “common-services”,

    “error_message”: “Unexpected character (‘“’ (code 8220 / 0x201c)): was expecting double-quote to start field name”


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